Located in Northern Minnesota, Sleepy Hollow has been a family-owned and operated business by the Petersen Family for 11 years. 

We grew up on our local lakes and rivers.  Each year spent on the water, our family gained new memories that have lasted us a lifetime. Quality time with family has always been the most important time spent in our lives... Most of it just so happened to be on the water, or in a camper.

So in 2011, Kirk and Mari bought Sleepy Hollow Resort and created a place for families of all sizes to start new traditions and continue old ones.

Guests at Sleepy Hollow Resort are welcome to use all of our water toys.. FOR FREE.  We have water toys for all ages including:

  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Water Bikes
  • Paddle Boards
  • Lilly Pad
  • Water Trampoline with Slide, Log, and Flop
  • Water Bugs (for the smaller children)
  • Paddle Boats

Hill Billy Hot Tub

Our small Claim to Fame

Free Water Toys

All of our water toys are free for our guests use

A Family-Owned Resort

"Hot Tub", "Hill Billy Hot Tub", "Warm Swimming Pool" --- Whichever you call it, you're welcome to it when you stay at Sleepy Hollow Resort!  Kirk and Mari get this social tub warm and ready to go every other night during a week's stay.  As of Summer 2017, the Hot Tub now has a full deck overlooking the water for guests to enjoy.

64264 State HWY 46 (218) 897-5234