While Spring has not officially sprung (unfortunately), we are experiencing some warmer weather that is definitely giving us the itch

to get the heck outside! While we're up at Sleepy Hollow, we spend nearly every part of the day outside, so trust us when we say we know the outdoors and we live for a good round of a yard game. We have these games at the resort for all of our guest to use, for free might we add, but think they're great budget friendly options for your own back yard!

Corn Hole/Bags/Whatever you call it!

I'm sure you've played it before, I'm actually more sure you've played it more than once.  Here at Sleepy Hollow, we love our Corn Hole. Kirk is always up for a Corn Hole Tournament and you can bet that that afternoon you'll find everyone seated out on the lawn either playing, watching, cheering, or sometimes even enjoying a cold drink while socializing.  I'll be honest, these are always some of my favorite memories.  It is such fun to play, meet other families, and watch the kiddos participate in their mini tournament.  


Let me start by saying, this is one of the best family games around! I remember playing this at my grandma's house when I was really young, again when I was in high school with my friends, and now I get to see families of all ages and sizes play this game! We love it at Sleepy Hollow because it's what I call the 'Poor Man's Mini Golf'.  I begged Kirk and Mari to build my siblings and me a mini golf area... well, I think you know how all that begging turned out.. Croquet.  And you know what? I'm almost happier they didn't build one because you can change the course every single time you play.  Kids are playing? Go around the playground. Adults? Adults with beer? Make it a bit more tricky. We love this ol' game!

Volleyball/Bocce Ball/Badminton

Our volleyball net has been such a great outdoor piece and totally worth the money. If you don't have one of these at home, I'd suggest it! We have been able to play all sorts of fun games with ours.  Sometimes there are badminton racquets laying in the yard, sometimes there's a volleyball flying through the air, on occasion we learn a game or 2 that you can use a net and ball for.  

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April 22, 2018

CABIN #4's BIG RENOVATION - AKA my new favorite cabin 
JUNE 28, 2018

Getting this new cabin done was a big project.  The delayed spring, the inability to get supplies when we needed them, the loss of return helpers, all gave complications to this big project.  But after numerous hours....Friends from our church, my Brother, Keith, our past employee, Reece, and Kirk and I....we finally got it done.  And it is a BEAUTY!


Our Winter gave us a lot of fun things to do.

Along with running our other business...., and some time spent in Florida,

Our Son got married in Costa Rica, with a reception held in Iowa in March

Then on to planning a wedding for our Daughter.

Now...Back to business.


The summer so far has been good.  We love our returning guests, and it's always good to see them again, and renew friendships.

We always look forward to NEW guests too!  Doesn't everyone like to make new friends?

We've had a lot of storms this summer, but luckily no damage.  We just were without power for a few days. (Yikes!  )

If you still haven't made your reservation for this year, or next....give us a call!  We would love to hear from you!

​Happy Summer!ewiwith

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